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Entreé Visitor Management simplifies and modernises your Reception area, allowing your visitors, contractors and staff to sign in quickly, easily, safely and securely with a minimum of effort.


Print badges, manage IDs and certifications, RFID cards sign in and out instantly, notify your staff that they have a visitor, a wealth of reporting features, as well as a host of other fantastic features.




What is Entrée Visitor Management

Frustrated with the amount of time you might be spending on signing in visitors to your reception? Have they signed into the visitor book, have they filled in the right boxes, is it legible, do they have the right badge? 

What about trying to find out who signed in last month? Would that mean trawling through multiple signing-in books?

Entrée Visitor Management simplifies and modernises the whole process, allowing visitors to be merely asked to sign in via the Entrée screen, hand them their sticker and they are away!

With it's in-depth reporting features, finding out who signed in and when is a doddle for your reception management team.

  • -A simple yet flexible user interface
  • -Evacuation list on smart devices (Tablets and mobile phones)
  • -Integrates into your door entry system (e.g. Paxton)
  • -Photo and QR code printed on badges for strict security measures
  • -Targetted announcements to staff and/or visitors
  • -Enhanced security and safeguarding
  • -Easy one-click reporting
  • -Completely customisable to your company branding
  • -Dedicated in-house developers to meet your changing needs

School specific features:

  • -Records pupil lateness and absenses
  • -Fulfils OFSTED safeguarding guidelines
  • -Links with PARENTS EVENING BOOKING from EdIT Ltd

Why not try it out for yourself? Our demonstrations take roughly half an hour - totally at your convenience. Of course there is no pressure and no obligation from us.



How does it work?

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  1.  Your visitor arrives at reception and informs you that they have an appointment.
  2. Direct your visitor to sign in with Entrée Visitor Management.
  3. Your visitor taps 'sign in' and has to accept your site information to continue.
  4. Your visitor completes their details and signs in. A badge is printed for them to wear. That's all there is to it!
  5. Signing out is just as simple - wave the QR code on the badge in front of the camera.

Entrée Visitor Management is a deeply intuitive experience - both clear and simplistic yet with a depth that gives you the resources you need to manage your reception area. Book a free demo now to see the benefits for yourself!



Live reporting


One of the most well recieved aspects of Entrée Visitor Management is the live dashboard screen. It gives your reception staff instant, at-a-glance, 'live' data concerning everyone at your premises. As visitors or staff sign in the dashboard is updated instantly, allowing you to see data like who last signed in; how many staff, visitors or registered users are signed in; who just signed out, etc.

The Entrée Visitor Management dashboard has an emergency button that is always available and is designed for rapid use. One click starts the printing procedure and one more confirms the print before the current roll call is printed for you. These lists are available securely to an iPad, tablet or mobile device if that is your preference.

Your data is yours and always available to you. Entrée Visitor Management allows you to dig into your logs and records as and when you need to. Finding out who signed in and when or searching for a specific name takes seconds.

Empower your reception staff to be the best they can be, free up their time and save money with Entrée Visitor Management!



Book a free demo

Book a free demonstration with us to check out all the benefits of Entrée Visitor Management for yourself!

Our demonstrations last about half an hour and give you a chance to get hands-on with the Entrée Visitor Management system. It's a great chance to openly ask questions with no obligations at all.

You can withdraw your consent at any time without prejudice.
You can change the details we hold at any time. We do not share your information.
Our contact details are 0844 357 3347 or info@editltd.co.uk.
You will be notified to re-consent should our purposes for your information change.




Who are we?

Education & IT (or EdIT) have been providers of all forms of technical support for our clients for the last decade. We have worked primarily with schools but have often been called upon for our expertise in various other sectors. Over the last few years we have seen a real need for better, easier security and safeguarding - Entrée Visitor Management is our solution to that need.

Originally we were a team of DBS checked professional ICT technicians. We are very glad to add our new Programming Department to that, owing to the growth, popularity and success of Entrée Visitor Management.

We remain commited to passionately solving computer, hardware, network and software problems and delivering exceptional service to our clients.

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