Who we are

Dedicated professional and friendly service for you

Entrée Solutions is the software development division of EDIT Ltd. (registered in England and Wales as Education & IT Ltd. Company no. 05784075).

If you are looking for a dedicated and well-established business that offers enhanced and elite I.T. solutions and peace of mind to some of the worlds most respected and prestigious brands, then you want to consider us.

To ensure your business is protected and everyone is left feeling safe, secure and confident, our team members dedicate themselves to your needs. Customer focus and satisfaction is the drive behind each individual here.

To keep you on top of the latest technology and cutting-edge innovation, we have the finest technical minds, working on I.T solutions and advice that guarantees your brand, premises, staff and visitors are protected.

Whether it’s a technician visiting your site, an account manager solving your problems or one of our committed members of the operations team organising your installation covering every last detail. We take great pride in upholding a robust and influential company ethos of trust and passion. Honesty and innovation are always at the core of what we do for you.

Our vision

To meet your requirements with I.T. solutions and strategies that are specific to your needs, we aim to empower you with the technology to help you achieve business efficiency and success. Through technology, innovation and trust, we give you the freedom to focus on the things that really matter.

All too often I.T. can be complicated and seen as a costly investment for businesses. By having a consultative approach to understand your needs, we provide affordable and reliable I.T. solutions.

You can only invest in I.T. when you are confident that you are buying the right services. Technology is available to provide a wide range and scale of solutions, we will help you get to the core of what is needed and ensure your I.T. budget goes further.

To understand your challenges and goals, we work with you in partnership to ensure your I.T. helps to deliver the best for your business, is our aim.

About Entrée Solutions and EDIT Ltd.

Entrée Solutions and EDIT Ltd. are a team of professional, trustworthy and highly accredited technicians and developers based in the heart of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Our passion is for solving computing, network and software problems for you and delivering exceptional service.

How Entrée Solutions was born

The origins of Entrée is an excellent example of how we work with our clients. Kitts Green Sure Start had worked with us on small projects over the years. When they wanted a visitor signing in system that suited their needs without the unnecessary frills, they asked us to come up with the right solution for them.

Entrée has improved based upon the feedback of clients who invested in the system and trusted us to deliver the features they required.

Today Entrée helps our clients manage their contractors, their visitors and their staff. Entrée has become an important tool operations and facilities within a business as well as a Health & Safety product, which streamlines reception areas.